P&O Ports is a company with a 200 year history in shipping and ports.  We specialize in managing small multi-purpose ports including container, bulk and general cargo terminals.

P&O Ports is 100% owned by the Government of Dubai.  Our ownership by the Government of Dubai allows us to offer services and finance that are unique amongst port operators – the chance for subsidies by the Government of Dubai in our ports operations.

What we can offer

  • Investment in small ports of all types – General Cargo, Container Terminals, Inland Container Depots;

  • Management services for all types of ports - General Cargo, Container Terminals, Inland Container Depots;

  • Subsidies from the Government of Dubai for investment and management of ports; and

  • Cheaper management overhead costs for port investment resulting lower management fees when compared to the major container terminal operators;

Areas of interest to us

  • Multi-purpose ports

  • Bulk terminals

  • Container Terminals

  • General cargo terminals

  • Inland Container Deports (Dry ports)

  • Container Freight Station

  • Marina development and management

  • Port planning and design

Geographic Specialisation

  • Emerging markets, particularly Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia

  • Hardship regions

  • Governments and Port Authorities with a strategic relationship with the Government of United Arab Emirates